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Forty Percent of U.S. Youth Report Seeing Pictures of Alcohol and Drug Use on Social Networking Sites

Figure 2.3 Past Month Nonmedical Use of Types of Psychotherapeutic Drugs among Persons Aged 12 or Older: 2002-2010

The number and percentage of persons aged 12 or older who were current users of hallucinogens in 2010 (1.2 million or 0.5 percent) were similar to those in 2009 (1.3 million or 0.5 percent). These include similar numbers and percentages for current users of Ecstasy, with 695,000 (0.3 percent) current users in 2010 and 760,000 (0.3 percent) current users in





¥ The rate of current illicit drug use varied by age. Among youths aged 12 to 17 in 2010, the rate increased from 4.0 percent at ages 12 or 13 to 9.3 percent at ages 14 or 15 to 16.6 percent at ages 16 or 17. The highest rate of current illicit drug use was amongÊ18 to 20 year olds (23.1 percent), with the next highest rate among 21 to 25 year olds (20.5Êpercent). Thereafter, the rate generally declined with age, although not all declines were significant. For instance, the rate was 14.8 percent among those aged 26 to 29, 12.9 percent among those aged 30 to 34, and 1.1 percent among those aged 65 or older.

Source: SAMHSA


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