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Our Program

Addiction Treatment Strategies

2 Sunset Hills Executive Park Drive

Edwardsville, IL 62025



The ATS Program


What: ATS is a 6 month outpatient, medically assisted, treatment program.  We combine Cognitive Behavior Therapy with medications to assist patients achieve long lasting outcomes.  We work with patients that have had difficulty with previous recovery programs, consequently are eager to become focused on getting better.  97% of our patients complete the entire 6 months Phase I program. Phase II is an option exercised by 89 % of our patient completing the initial program.  Almost all of our patients have co-occurring mental health issues including anxiety, depression, ADHD, or bi-polar illnesses.


When:  Patients come to the clinic to attend group and individual sessions.  Group meeting are scheduled during the day, evenings, and weekends to accommodate patient schedules.  Most of our patients are employed or are in school and cannot afford to quit work or enter residential treatment.  Regularly scheduled appointments are made with our psychiatrist to insure underlying conditions are addressed.  We treat the whole patient.


Why:  ATS provides a professional alternative to self-help groups like AA.  Research has demonstrated that a combination of medications and Cognitive Behavior Therapy provides the most effective treatment strategy in addressing addiction issues.  We know that it takes a considerable investment of time and energy for a patient to begin to understand and change dysfunctional behavior.  We understand the neurobiology of addiction and the impact on the brain.  This can be done successfully on an outpatient basis.


How:  ATS uses an integrated approach involving therapy, learning, and family education to approach life changes in the patient.  We use the concepts of Structure-Organization-Discipline behavioral interventions to monitor changes in Sleep-Exercise-Diet as key clinical indicators in overall improvement in life style changes. Medications are used to treat underlying problems and to bring about the stability necessary to begin making changes through CBT.


Where:  Intervention is provided at the #2 Sunset Hills Executive Drive facility in Edwardsville, Illinois unless intensive medical intervention is required. ATS has a relationship with several hospitals that provide supportive detoxification if needed. We are less than a 15 minute drive from the St. Louis Arch.


We don’t believe a person should be referred to as an ADDICT; rather they have a medical condition of an addiction that requires treatment, much like asthma, hypertension or diabetes.


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