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Human study shows gr…

Human study shows greater cognitive deficits in marijuana
users who start…

Direct Links Between…

Direct Links Between Substance Abuse and Eating Disorders
Article by kodenthal (346 pts ) Edited & published by
Paul Arnold (16,776 pts ) on Oct 25, 2010 There is
definitely a direct link between substance abuse and
eating disorders. As many as 50% of girls with eating
disorders have a…

Drugmakers, academics join up on mental illness


Drugmakers, academic…

  Mental health   Drugmakers, academics join up
on mental illness By Kate Kelland Reuters LONDON –
Nine major pharmaceutical companies have agreed to pool
data on drug trials with academic institutions in an
effort to improve ways of developing of new medicines to

Why the craving for …

Why the craving for cocaine won’t go away ScienceDaily 
— People who have used cocaine run a great risk of
becoming addicted, even after long drug-free periods. Now
researchers in Sweden and their colleagues can point to a
specific molecule in the brain as a possible target for…

November 05, 2010Nat…

November 05, 2010National Drug Facts Week shout-out On
Monday, Nov. 8, the National Institute on Drug Abuse
(NIDA) kicks off National Drug Facts Week (NDFW) “to
shatter the myths and spread the facts about drug abuse
and addiction.” Targeting teens, the Week includes local