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Reformulation of OxyContin Has Increased Abuse of Other Narcotics


Reformulation of Oxy…

Now that OxyContin has been reformulated to make the
opioid harder to snort, inject or chew, The New York Times
reports that demand for other narcotics has increased.
OxyContin is designed to slowly release its main
ingredient, oxycodone, over the course of 12 hours. But
after it was…

Alcohol Abuse Makes …

Those under age 25 are particularly vulnerable to dual
abuse. BY ELIZABETH ASHTON, NIDA Notes Staff Writer Men
and women with alcohol use disorders (AUDs) are 18 times
more likely to report nonmedical use of prescription drugs
than people who don’t drink at all, according to…

Pain Management: Dru…

In general, the chance of addiction is very small when
narcotics are used under proper medical supervision.

Academics PROFIT By …

Academics PROFIT By Making the Case for Opioid Painkillers
As an epidemic of narcotic painkiller abuse raged across
America in 2006, researchers at the U.S. Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention issued a medical journal
report connecting deaths from those drugs to up to a 500%

Abuse Of Painkillers…

Abuse Of Painkillers Can Predispose Adolescents To
Lifelong Addiction ScienceDaily — Researchers reveal
that adolescent mice exposed to the painkiller Oxycontin
can sustain lifelong and permanent changes in their reward
system — changes that increase the drug’s