The Old Marijuana is NOT Like The Current Marijuana. Some Facts…



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3D rendering of the THC molecule.

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Facts and Stats

1) Marijuana in the 70?s had from 1-3% THC concentration. Today’s concentration is 18-25%. This represents an increase of at least 600% and as much as 2,500%;

2) THC is a hallucinogenic drug;

3) Commonly experienced side effects of THC include memory loss, distorted perception including the inability to gauge and accurately process emotional information , difficulty with cognition and problem solving, loss of motor skills, decreased muscle strength, increased heart rate and increased anxiety;

4) Marijuana contains approximately 400 known chemicals including those found in cigarettes. It also deposits approximately 400% more tar in the lungs than filtered tobacco;

5) Emergency room admissions have increased 300% over the past five years for THC related psychosis, delusions, hallucinations and paranoia;

6) Marijuana use at a young age (teens) increases likelihood of developing schizophrenia by as much as 400%;

7) Harvard University reports the risk of of a heart attack increases by 500% within the first hour after smoking marijuana.

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