Crisis Intervention



ATS provides an on-site Addiction Crisis Intervention Team that is designed to assist families experiencing acute crisis episodes. Patients and/or families can call to request a visit from our ACIT.


ATS definition of Crisis

A situation in which the person or the person’s family’s usual coping strategies have failed to function.  Their life is in chaos and they see no immediate way to cope with present situations and are feeling overwhelmed. Typically the main cause is an intensely hazardous, stressful or traumatic event that has lead to chaos in the person’s immediate life.



Our Model

  • Determine the level of risk
  • Provide a logical, sequential, outcome driven strategy for resolving the immediate crisis… designed to address the person’s (and family’s) immediate distress
  • Assist in identifying available resources
  • Assist in the decision making process
  • Develop an agreed-upon a Crisis Plan
  • Stabilize the crisis situation and improve functioning
  • Continued Post-Crisis Follow-ups