Internet and access to drugs



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The researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and the University of Southern California have revealed that there is a link between increased cases of drug abuse and internet. They have also linked the growing problem of prescription drug abuse to high-speed internet. Goldman, the author of the study said, “our findings suggest that Internet growth may partly explain the increase in prescription drug abuse, since it is well known that these drugs are easily available online”.

It has come to light that the growing number of online pharmacies has led to rise in prescription narcotic painkiller abuse. These internet pharmacies are in the practice of selling tranquilizers, sedatives, stimulants and painkillers to American residents from all over the world.

The researchers for the study gathered data from Federal GovernmentCommission and evaluated each state and its people’s access to high- speedinternet access from 2000 to 2007. They found that in each state, a 10% rise in high-speed Internet availability was responsible for 1% increase in prescriptiondrug abuse. The drugs which are being solid online include Narcotic painkillers, Anti-anxiety medications, Stimulants and Sedatives.

The researchers have not revealed that how abused prescribed drug can be purchased and they still have to explore the importance to the problem of foreignInternet pharmacies, which are outside the jurisdiction of the US government.

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