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Toward a Vaccine for…

Scientists are reporting development of three promising
formulations that could be used in a vaccine to treat
methamphetamine addiction — one of the most serious
drug abuse problems in the U.S. The report appears in
the Journal of the American Chemical Society. In the
paper, Kim Janda…

Addiction to painkil…

Nichole Marie Case unwittingly became dependent on opioid
pain drugs. She’s not alone. The National Institute on
Drug Abuse estimated in 2008 that 1.85 million people in
the United States were dependent on or abusing
prescription opioids, also known as Schedule II
painkillers. Americans…

Unintentional Overdo…

Unintentional Overdose Deaths Associated With Nonmedical
Use Of Prescription Pain Relievers ScienceDaily – An
examination of unintentional overdose deaths in West
Virginia, a state that has experienced one of the highest
increases in the rate of drug overdose deaths, finds that

DBT fits well in add…

DBT fits well in addiction treatment by Nicholas A. Roes,
PhD We’ll order now what they ordered then, ‘Cause
everything old is new again “Everything Old Is New Again,”
Peter Allen and Carole Bayer Sager DBT” is a relatively
new construct being used as the wrapping for some…

Alcohol Abuse Makes …

Those under age 25 are particularly vulnerable to dual
abuse. BY ELIZABETH ASHTON, NIDA Notes Staff Writer Men
and women with alcohol use disorders (AUDs) are 18 times
more likely to report nonmedical use of prescription drugs
than people who don’t drink at all, according to…

Sensitivity to the e…

A polymorphism of the mu-opioid receptor gene (OPRM1) and
sensitivity to the effects of alcohol in humans. Ray LA,
Hutchison KE. University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
80309-0345, USA. Abstract BACKGROUND: Recent research has
implicated the endogenous opioid system in the development