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Wernicke-Korsakoff s…

The goals of treatment are to control symptoms as much as
possible and to prevent the disorder from getting worse.
Some people may need to stay in the hospital early in the
condition to help control symptoms. Monitoring and special
care may be needed if the person…


More than half of buprenorphine-related emergency
department visits in the U.S. are for nonmedical use of
the drug, according to data from the Drug Abuse Warning
Network (DAWN). Of the estimated 23,450 emergency
department visits in 2009 in which buprenorphine was
involved as either a direct…

Some Drinkers Believ…

A study by University of Washington psychologists shows
some people continue to drink heavily because of perceived
positive effects, despite experiencing negative effects
such as hangovers, fights and regrettable sexual
situations.  According to participants in the study,
boosts of courage,…

Alcohol Consumption …

Current alcohol consumption guidelines are inadequate for
the prevention of cancer and new international guidelines
are needed, states an analysis in CMAJ (Canadian Medical
Association Journal).  Guidelines in some countries are
not currently based on evidence for long-term harm.

Alcohol-Induced Blac…

“I don’t remember how I got home from the
party.” This could be a text from last night to one
hard-partying college student from another. New research
from Northwestern Medicine shows that 50 percent of
college drinkers report at least one alcohol-induced
memory blackout…

Genetic variant that can lead to severe impulsivity identified


Genetic variant that…

A multinational research team led by scientists at the
National Institutes of Health has found that a genetic
variant of a brain receptor molecule may contribute to
violently impulsive behavior when people who carry it are
under the influence of alcohol. A report of the findings,

Caffeinated Fruity A…

The popular, formerly caffeinated, fruity alcoholic
beverage, Four Loko, has been blamed for a spike in
alcohol-related hospitalizations, especially throughout
college campuses.  Initially, caffeine was deemed the
culprit and the Food and Drug Administration ordered all
traces of caffeine…

Mental, Neurological and Substance Use (MNS) Disorders


Mental, Neurological…

Mental health experts are calling for a greater world
focus on improving access to care and treatment for
mental, neurological, and substance use (MNS) disorders,
as well as increasing discoveries in research that will
enable this goal to be met. The Grand Challenges in Global
Mental Health…

Marijuana and Ecstasy Use Increase Among U.S. High School Students


Marijuana and Ecstas…

Marijuana and ecstasy use among U.S. high school students
has increased since 2008, according to data from the 2010
Partnership Attitude Tracking Study. The percentage of
high school students who reported using marijuana in the
past year increased from 32% in 2008 to 39% in 2010. While

Hospital alcohol adm…

The number of alcohol-related hospital admissions in
England has exceeded one million in a year for the first
time, a report has found. Figures compiled by the NHS
Information Centre for the year 2009-2010 revealed
1,057,000 hospital visits in relation to alcohol, a 12%
increase on the…