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Cocaine-linked genes enhance behavioral effects of addiction


Cocaine-linked genes…

New research sheds light on how cocaine regulates gene
expression in a crucial reward region of the brain to
elicit long-lasting changes in behavior. The study,
published by Cell Press in the May 14th issue of the
journal Neuron, provides exciting insight into the
molecular pathways regulated…

Current Depression Predicts Crack Cocaine Use


Current Depression P…

Even after accounting for current crack use, a new study
finds that women in drug court who are experiencing
current major depression are more likely to use crack
within four months than other women in drug court. The
paper’s lead author argues that depression screening
and treatment may…

Memory-Boosting Drug May Help Cocaine Addicts


Memory-Boosting Drug…

A memory-boosting medication paired with behavioral
therapy might help addicts stay clean, according to new
animal research in the Aug. 4 issue of The Journal of
Neuroscience. The study suggests D-cycloserine, previously
used in the lab to treat fear and anxiety disorders, could
help an…

Vaccine blocks cocaine high in mice: Approach could also stop addiction to other drugs, including heroin and nicotine


Vaccine blocks cocai…

Researchers have produced a lasting anti-cocaine immunity
in mice by giving them a safe vaccine that combines bits
of the common cold virus with a particle that mimics
cocaine. In their study, published Jan. 4 in the online
edition of Molecular Therapy and funded by the National

Why the craving for cocaine won’t go away


Why the craving for …

Why the craving for cocaine won’t go away ScienceDaily 
— People who have used cocaine run a great risk of
becoming addicted, even after long drug-free periods. Now
researchers in Sweden and their colleagues can point to a
specific molecule in the brain as a possible target for…

Contaminated Cocaine and Dying Skin


Contaminated Cocaine…

If the obvious reasons for avoiding recreational drug use
aren’t off-putting enough, physicians have yet
another detrimental consequence to add to the list —
crusty, purplish areas of dead skin that are extremely
painful and can open the door to nasty infections. The
condition is…

Chronic Cocaine Abuse: Abnormal Brain Structure


Chronic Cocaine Abus…

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have identified
abnormal brain structures in the frontal lobe of cocaine
users’ brains which are linked to their compulsive
cocaine-using behaviour. Their findings were published
today, 21 June, in the journal Brain. Led by Dr Karen

Brain mechanism linked to relapse after cocaine withdrawal


Brain mechanism link…

Brain mechanism linked to relapse after cocaine withdrawal
Addictive drugs are known to induce changes in the
brain’s reward circuits that may underlie drug
craving and relapse after long periods of abstinence. Now,
new research, published by Cell Press in the September 9
issue of the…

Genetic trait could triple odds of whites’ susceptibility to heavy cocaine abuse


Genetic trait could …

Genetic trait could triple odds of whites’
susceptibility to heavy cocaine abuse ScienceDaily
(2010-12-20) — Nearly one in five whites could carry
a genetic variant that substantially increases their odds
of being susceptible to severe cocaine abuse, according to
new research….

Why Cocaine is So Addictive


Why Cocaine is So Ad…

Why cocaine is so addictive: Activation of specific
neurons linked to alterations in cocaine reward
ScienceDaily (2010-10-18) — Researchers have
discovered how cocaine corrupts the brain and becomes
addictive. The findings — the first to connect
activation of specific neurons to…