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Genetic variant that can lead to severe impulsivity identified


Genetic variant that…

A multinational research team led by scientists at the
National Institutes of Health has found that a genetic
variant of a brain receptor molecule may contribute to
violently impulsive behavior when people who carry it are
under the influence of alcohol. A report of the findings,

Researchers Link Alc…

Researchers already know that alcohol dependence (AD) is
strongly associated with impaired impulse control or, more
precisely, the inability to choose large, delayed rewards
rather than smaller but more immediate rewards. Findings
from a study using functional magnetic resonance

Helping kids learn to make better choices (about drinking)


Helping kids learn t…

Parents with tweens or teens often wonder how to
effectively parent their children so that the kids can
make sound decisions even when their parents are not
around, including decisions about drugs and alcohol.
  A recent study in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol
and Drugshas confirmed…