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Mood and Experience: Life Comes at You

Living through weddings or divorces, job losses and children’s triumphs, we sometimes feel better and sometimes feel worse. But, psychologists observe, we tend to drift back to a “set point” — a stable resting point, or baseline, in the mind’s level of contentment or unease.
Research has shown that the set points for depression and anxiety are particularly stable over time. Why?
“The overwhelming view within psychiatry and psychology is that is due to genetic factors,” says Virginia Commonwealth University psychiatrist Kenneth S. Kendler. “Yet we know that extreme environmental adversities,…

Study reveals new ta…

Study reveals new target for antidepressants
By Kate Kelland
LONDON (Reuters) – British scientists using human stem cells say they have found out how antidepressants make new brain cells — a finding that should help drug researchers develop better and more efficient…