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Tackling Substance A…

A free, nationwide service has just been launched to help
primary care providers seeking to identify and advise
substance-abusing patients. The service, Physician
Clinical Support System for Primary Care (PCSS-P), offers
peer-to-peer mentorship and resources on incorporating
screening and…

Accentuating the Positive May Eliminate the Negative in Teenagers With Anxiety


Accentuating the Pos…

Training teenagers to look at social situations positively
could help those with anxiety and may help prevent
problems persisting into adult life, new research from
Oxford University is beginning to suggest. The researchers
found that tasks designed to prompt either positive or

Injection Drug Users…

Injection drug users are in greater need of substance
abuse treatment compared to non-injecting drug users,
according to a new study by researchers at RTI
International. “Our findings indicate that injection
drug use is associated with substantially more substance
abuse-related problems…

Clinical Symptoms Of…

Research to be presented at the upcoming annual meeting of
the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (SSIB),
the foremost society for research into all aspects of
eating and drinking behavior, suggests that people can
become dependent on highly palatable foods and engage in a

Panic Buffered from Stressor by High Levels of Physical Activity


Panic Buffered from …

Regular exercise may be a useful strategy for helping
prevent the development of panic and related disorders, a
new study suggests. People with an intense fear of the
nausea, racing heart, dizziness, stomachaches and
shortness of breath that accompany panic — known as

Alcoholism: The Basi…

Yes, alcoholism is a disease

Young Drinkers Ages 12 to 14


Young Drinkers Ages …

Young drinkers are more likely than other underage
drinkers to get alcohol from their family, according to
data from the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and
Health. Nearly one-half of youths ages 12 to 14 who drank
alcohol in the past month obtained the alcohol from a

Antiquated News: ADH…

One of the top worries for parents of kids with
attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the
long-term consequences of this condition. “Families want
to know, ‘So what does this mean?’” says Alice
Charach, head of the neuropsychiatry team at The Hospital
for Sick…

Heavy drinking in older teenagers has long- and short-term consequences


Heavy drinking in ol…

In a systematic review of current evidence published in
this week’s PLoS Medicine, the authors—Jim
McCambridge from the London School of Hygiene &
Tropical Medicine, London, UK, and colleagues—conclude
that there is enough evidence to recommend that reducing
drinking during…

The Biology Behind A…

A person who drinks too much alcohol may be able to
perform complicated tasks, such as dancing, carrying on a
conversation or even driving a car, but later have no
memory of those escapades. These periods of amnesia,
commonly known as “blackouts,” can last from a
few minutes…