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Talks With Teens Leads to Less Marijuana Use


Talks With Teens Lea…

Marijuana is the most prevalent illicit drug used by
teenagers and adults around the world. Nearly a third of
high school students in the United States report smoking
it, and most high schoolers say they have access to the
drug. To many people, smoking pot is no big deal. They
cite reasons…

Chronic Marijuana Sm…

Definitive proof of an adverse effect of chronic marijuana
use revealed at SNM’s 58th Annual Meeting could lead
to potential drug treatments and aid other research
involved in cannabinoid receptors, a neurotransmission
system receiving a lot of attention. Scientists used

Marijuana: Addiction…

Marijuana is at once an interesting area of inquiry and a
subject of practical concern for young adults in the
United States. Though used within minority groups (e.g.,
urban Blacks, including musicians, artists, and the
general population) in the first half of the twentieth
century, it…

How Marijuana Affects the Way the Brain Processes Emotional Information


How Marijuana Affect…

ScienceDaily — Drugs like marijuana act on naturally
occurring receptors in the brain called cannabinoid
receptors. However, the mechanisms by which these drugs
produce their sensory and mood altering effects within the
brain are largely unknown. Research led by Steven
Laviolette at The…

Cannabis Use May Worsen Sexual Dysfunction


Cannabis Use May Wor…

cannabis use may negatively impact male sexual performance

First ever analysis …

Cannabis Link To Psychosis A new study has provided the
first conclusive evidence that cannabis use significantly
hastens the onset of psychotic illnesses during the
critical years of brain development – with possible
life-long consequences. The first ever meta-analysis of
more than…