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Marijuana: Addiction…

Marijuana is at once an interesting area of inquiry and a
subject of practical concern for young adults in the
United States. Though used within minority groups (e.g.,
urban Blacks, including musicians, artists, and the
general population) in the first half of the twentieth
century, it…

State Must Seize Opp…

The California Society of Addiction Medicine (CSAM) urged
state leaders to begin adopting effective addiction
treatment standards under national health care reform to
ensure that millions of Californians finally get the care
they need. CSAM President Timmen Cermak, M.D.,
released Unique…

What Is Addiction?

People who are addicted cannot control their need for
alcohol or other drugs, even in the face of negative
health, social or legal consequences. The illness becomes
harder to treat and the related health problems, such as
organ disease, become worse. Addiction is a chronic, but

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Debunking Dumb Addic…

Debunking Dumb Addiction Myths Will power isn’t
always enough, and hitting rock bottom isn’t always
the way. For people caught in the clutches of active
addiction, asinine adages about recovery can cause serious
damage, by making treatment sound like a lousy idea to the

How Marijuana Affect…

How Marijuana Affects the Way the Brain Processes
Emotional Information ScienceDaily — Drugs like marijuana
act on naturally occurring receptors in the brain called
cannabinoid receptors. However, the mechanisms by which
these drugs produce their sensory and mood altering
effects within…